Jerome Robbins Broadway at the MUNY
“'Yours, Yours, Yours,' the touching duet with his wife Abigail, winningly played by Jenny Powers.”
Jerome Robbins Broadway at the MUNY
“Powers sizzles 'Mr. Monotony' from Call Me Madam.”
- St. Louis Post- Dispatch
Mary Poppins at The MUNY
“Jenny Powers as Mary Poppins is a sweetly stern young lady. Powers plays her with a lot of quiet strength and confidence. She sings like a lark. You’ll believe she really can fly long before her big exit.”
- CBS St. Louis
“...her ‘powers’ are pretty persuasive. So is her voice, a lovely instrument — elegant in ‘A Spoonful of Sugar,’ juicy when she leads a dazzling treatment of ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.’”
- St. Louis Post- Dispatch
Superman at New York City Center Encores
“I mean that as a compliment. Being flat and amusing at the same time is no mean feat for an actor. Yet Mr. Rando’s judiciously assembled cast members are consistently both.

They include, in addition to Mr. Watts as a beautiful lunkhead of an action hero, David Pittu as his mad-scientist nemesis and Jenny Powers, in splendid voice, as the ever-hopeful girl reporter Lois Lane. They never condescend to putting quotation marks around their characters, who emerge as ‘honestly sincere’ (to borrow a lyric from ‘Bye Bye Birdie,’ another Strauss and Adams musical).”
Ben Brantley - The New York Times
Donnybook at the Irish Repertory Theatre
“What’s more, you’ll have no trouble at all understanding why Mr. Barbour’s character, a chastened ex-boxer from Pittsburgh who returns to his birthplace to seek a quiet life, would have fallen for Jenny Powers at first sight. Ms. Powers is by turns spunky and sexy in O’Hara’s role...”
- The Wall Street Journal
Dangerous Beauty
“Powers possesses a potent voice, and she commands the stage with her charm and conviction.”
Charles McNulty - The LA Times
“Powers, the emotionally vivid actress who sings, dances, and acts like a dream, and can even whip off a demanding song while in a duel, gives a commanding performance”
Hedy Weiss - Chicago Sun-Times
“Jenny Powers as Veronica is amazing at every turn; she remains a tower of strength and sings beautifully.”
Don Grigware -
The Who's Tommy
“Powers subtly conveys the complicated essence of Mrs. Walker, an alternately loving, selfish, and guilt-stricken figure. This mother's bond with her unusual son is frayed but never entirely broken, and Powers artfully adds a note of anguish even to her performance of ‘Smash the Mirror,’ a song of towering frustration.”
Don Aucoin - The Boston Globe
Of Thee I Sing at City Center Encores

Powers “gives a breakthrough performance here as the outraged Southern belle who sashays in and out of the proceedings, quivering with outrage in her slinky red satin.”
Charles Isherwood - The New York Times
“Even more important, you believe in the connections between these characters and their younger selves, who are embodied by a first-rate team of newcomers: Jenny Powers, Colin Donnell, Katie Claus and Curtis Holbrook. To understand what Follies is meant to be — and too rarely is — you need only look at Ms. Murphy’s expression when she first sees the actress playing her 19-year-old self”
Ben Brantley - The New York Times
Dangersou Beauty

“Powers, the emotionally vivid actress who sings, dances and acts like a dream, and can even whip off a demanding song while in a duel, gives a commanding performance.”
Hedy Weiss - Chicago Sun Times
“and Jennifer Powers as gossip columnist Sydney Sharp nearly steals the show as she noses around Superman’s secret identity.”
Lawson Taitte - Dallas Morning News
“The best voice and performance in the cast belongs to Jennifer Powers, as tabloid reporter and blond bombshell, Sydney Sharp. She’s terrific, and it makes you wonder what would happen if Superman dropped Lois and flew off with her.”
Gary Cogill

“Dramatic and vocal honors go to Jenny Powers as Rizzo.”
David Rooney - Associated Press
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